Il Padrino

Il Padrino is a continuation of the events of La Madrina Run 1 (November 2021) by popular demand. New players are welcome, as long as they have no issues with the fact that most of the character secrets have already been revealed.

We once again slip into the roles of the three mafia families La Rosa, Conti and Bel Sito in 1930s New York. The Italian mob rules the streets of the city, but the continuing chaos of the economic crisis and the approaching end of prohibition, as well as the death of Padrino Gaetano la Rosa, have forced the families to join together in a syndicate and share common paths.

Personal goals and the shared past of the three Italian immigrant families will have a significant impact on their cooperation with each other.

  • Genre

    Historic larp, Mafia

  • Date

    October 14-17, 2022 (German)

  • Duration

    Arrival Friday afternoon, in-time from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, departure Monday morning

  • Characters

    20-23 already cast characters from Run 1
    plus up to 8 newly written characters

  • Accommodation

    According to character either in double rooms or shared rooms (with a maximum of five beds)

  • Verpflegung

    Full board (four meals a day, mainly vegan)

  • Price

    230€ (sponsor and solidarity tickets available)

  • NPCs

    2 NPC spots for 0€

  • Age

    18+ due to liability reasons

  • Sign-up

    Waiting list open


  • Intrigue and power games
  • Negotiations and matchmaking
  • Family drama and relationship conflicts
  • Secrets and scandals
  • Wishes vs expectations
  • Modernity vs tradition


New York, 1932. The 37th presidential election is coming up and the Great Depression has worsened since the events of a year ago. The economic crisis and prohibition have caused the crime rate to rise brutally. The struggle for bare survival is fueling distrust, avarice and greed among the city’s citizens. To make matters worse, criminal gangs are sprouting up on every corner and bloody street wars for power over individual city districts occur almost daily. Hopelessness and despair make citizens vulnerable to all forms of oppression and exploitation.

To avoid a civil war among themselves and to cope with these challenges, a year ago the La Rosa, Conti and Bel Sito mafia families, in accordance with the wishes of the late Padrino Gaetano La Rosa, joined together to form a syndicate, at the head of which Leonardo Conti was elected.

But a death in the new Quintino leads to the fact that, according to their self-imposed rules, the families must meet again within a year to elect a new Padrino and a new Quintino.

What has happened since the last meeting? Has the family grown together, as Gaetano wished, or have loyalties only shifted? What will the new election bring? A confirmation of the previous Padrino and Quintino or a complete reorganization of the syndicate?


What to expect

  • Scripted characters that are cast with your preferences in mind
  • Intransparent gameplay (characters have secrets)
  • Safety mechanics
  • Self-preparation and workshop on site
  • Accommodation in an old mansion with historical flair
  • Contemporary entertainment (horse racing, gambling, Lindy Hop)
  • Already revealed secrets from the first run (November 2021)

What NOT to expect

  • Reenactment
  • Point-based system
  • Gunfights
  • Servant characters that serve food & drinks and help with getting dressed

Content Warning

  • Fake blood
  • Homophobia
  • Murder/manslaughter
  • Open fire
  • Violence (physical and emotional)
  • Sexism


A picture is worth a thousand words: Photographer The Kelric View has accompanied Run 2 and Run 3 and captured the best moments with his camera.


Story and characters: Marik

Sign-up and finances: Nick

Production: Marik, Nick

Props: Marik, Nick

Kitchen: Marik, Anna

Support: Diana, Theresa, Monika