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We are Tag Team Larps. We organize non-commercial live action roleplaying games.

Here you can find information about our larps, our philosophy and our team.

Lynwood Hall

England, 1915. On the occasion of his eldest daughter’s engagement, Viscount Grenville invites the family of her betrothed to his country estate Lynwood Hall to get to know each other. While the guests enjoy his lordship’s hospitality, the servants have to work like a well-oiled machine.

La Madrina

New York, 1931. The Italian mob rules the city’s streets, but the impending end of prohibition and the chaos of the economic crisis force the most influential families among them to work together. Their meeting will decide the future of organized crime in the city.

Banbury Tales

England, 1815. At the last ball of the season, people are dancing, playing cards, making conversation, and increasingly desperate for social advancement, as each family struggles to find one more suitable match for their marriageable children before the weekend is over.