Code of Conduct

  1. The individual person is more important than the game. Your safety and well-being are paramount.
  2. Each person has control over their own body and sets their own boundaries that others must respect. Please communicate your boundaries clearly, especially if they should change.
  3. Neither out-of-game harassment, abuse, or assault of a participant, nor using a character to harass, abuse, or assault a player will be tolerated.
  4. Each participant is responsible for their own actions; for reading, understanding, and following the Code of Conduct and the rules; and for the consequences of their actions.
  5. Consent must be freely given and communicated and is considered inviolable. No one may be excluded or retaliated against for drawing boundaries or reporting harassment or abuse.

Safety mechanics

Gesture Meaning
Turn outstretched thumb up and downAsk how someone is feeling
Nod OR thumbs-up„I’m good.“
Flip palm of outstretched hand up and down„I don’t know how I feel.“
Shake head OR thumbs-down„I don’t feel good.“
Safe word Gesture Meaning
Green“/ „Is that all?“ Move outstretched thumb upwards repeatedly OR Lightly pinch yourself or the other person Intensity up (optional)
Orange With flat outstretched hand, tap with edge of hand against chest Intensity okay, but don’t increase (mandatory)
Red Move outstretched thumb down repeatedly OR Double-tap yourself, the other person, or anything within reach Intensity down (mandatory)
„Cut“ Shape a T with arm and hand („time out“ gesture) Stop game (mandatory)
Shield your eyes (“look down” gesture) Discrete exit/invisible


During the game, we offer (sparkling) wine or beer in limited quantities and at certain times depending on the setting. Consumption of brought in alcohol is prohibited during the game. You are welcome to consume brought in (sparkling) wine or beer on off-game evenings, but there is ban on hard liquor in general.


Sex between characters can be recognized a) by players taking off or helping each other take off at least the top layer of clothing, b) by using the game technique Ars Amandi, or c) by performing theater sex. Please leave at least one layer of clothing on. Actual sexual acts are forbidden. If it is not relevant for the characters to get caught, the scene can be verbally agreed upon.

During the introductory workshop, all three options will be demonstrated and the general willingness of each players to engage in something like this will be checked. The consent should be clarified before any such scene (or at any time during the game); the intensity of the individual scene can be controlled at any time with safety mechanics.