La Madrina

La Madrina is a mafia larp inspired by well-known movies like The Godfather, GoodFellas and Road to Perdition. The plot is roughly based on a real incident that has already occurred several times in a similar fashion in the history of organized crime.

We take on the roles of three competing mafia families in 1930s New York. The Italian mob rules the city’s streets, but the chaos of the economic crisis and the approaching end of the prohibition forces the families to break new ground and cooperate with each other in the process.

Personal goals and the shared past of the three Italian immigrant families will have a significant impact on the course of negotiations and matchmaking among them.

  • Genre

    Historic larp, Mafia

  • Date

    Run 3: n/a (not 2024)

  • Duration

    Arrival Friday afternoon, in-time from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, departure Monday morning

  • Location

    So far: Near Liège, Belgium
    Run 3: tbd

  • Accommodation

    According to character either in double rooms or shared rooms (with a maximum of five beds)

  • Food

    Full board (four meals a day, mainly vegan)

  • Price

    230€ (sponsor and solidarity tickets available) (as of 2022)

  • NPCs

    3 NPC spots with minor plot for 0€

  • Age

    18+ due to liability reasons


  • Intrigue and power games
  • Negotiations and matchmaking
  • Family drama and relationship conflicts
  • Secrets and scandals
  • Wishes vs expectations
  • Modernity vs tradition


New York, 1931. Herbert Hoover is president, the Great Depression has reached its lowest point yet, and the economic crisis and prohibition have brutally increased the crime rate. The struggle for bare survival stirs up distrust, avarice and greed among the city’s citizens. To make matters worse, criminal gangs are sprouting up on every corner and bloody street wars for power over individual city districts occur almost daily. Hopelessness and desperation make citizens vulnerable to all forms of oppression and exploitation. The three largest clans of the Mafia see their influence waning, and rumors are swirling about the end of prohibition and the establishment of an FBI forensic lab.

A civil war would be the death of the mafia: destroyed livelihoods no longer pay protection money; where there is no money, none can be laundered; those who can’t even afford bread won’t buy narcotics and if the economic crisis continues like this, debtors will never become solvent. What can save the families is structure and order. Therefore, Gaetano La Rosa, the most influential Mafioso in New York, invites the most important representatives of organized crime to his country house to discuss a potential joint action. Specifically, it will be a meeting between the Famiglia La Rosa (a Cosa Nostra with a lot of political influence and roots in Sicily, controlling mainly Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn), the Cosca Conti (a ‘Ndrangheta with roots in Calabria, controlling mainly Queens and the Bronx), and the Bel Sito Clan (an up-and-coming Camorra with roots in Naples, controlling parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island, sustaining itself mainly through speakeasys and gambling).

Nobody knows what to expect yet, but Gaetano is an upstanding man as well as loyal to Cosa Nostra tradition, so there’s a possibility that he would have the new head of the family democratically elected as a result of any merger. If he were to put himself up for election, there would be no doubt about his victory, since not only is his family the largest, but he is also accorded the greatest respect by the other families. However, should he not run for any reason, each family would naturally want to see a person from their ranks at the head of the alliance – and then everything would depend on who could rally the most supporters.

If this should actually happen, it will reveal everyone’s true colours.


What to expect

  • Pre-written characters
  • Characters have secrets
  • Cooperative play style (play to lift)
  • Safety mechanics
  • Self-preparation and workshop on site
  • Pre-game hype and communication on Discord
  • Organizers play full characters at the larp
  • In-game entertainment (horse racing, gambling, Lindy Hop)

What NOT to expect

  • Absolute historical correctness
  • Reenactment
  • Point-based system
  • Achieving your character’s goals (play to win)
  • Transparent game
  • Play on racism
  • Play on antisemitism
  • Gunfights
  • Servant characters that serve food & drinks and help with getting dressed

Content Warning

  • Murder/manslaughter
  • Violence (physical and emotional)
  • Homophobia
  • Sexism
  • Fake blood
  • Open fire
For some characters:
  • Incest
  • Sexual violence


A picture is worth a thousand words: Photographer The Kelric View has accompanied Run 1 and captured the best moments with his camera.


We have up to 29 playable characters (including three NPC) for you to choose from.


Story and characters: Marik

Sign-up and finances: Nick

Production: Marik, Nick

Props: Marik, Nick

Kitchen: Marik, Anna

Support: Diana, Theresa, Monika