Lynwood Hall

Lynwood Hall is an upstairs-downstairs larp inspired by the successful TV series Downton Abbey and following the example set by Dziobak’s Fairweather Manor.

We take on the roles of a titled family and their servants in England at the beginning of the 20th century, with the latter attending to the former’s every whim and desire. From helping them get dressed to preparing meals: Under the direction of the butler and the housekeeper, the servants toil away to ensure a smooth running of the entire household.

Overarching everything is an intricate pecking order, which firmly places everybody in the house in a set social position and decides every aspect of life: Who can initiate conversation? Who gets what for dessert? Everyone from the maid to the master will act in a fashion appropriate to his or her status.

  • Genre

    Historic larp, England 1910s (Edwardian Era)

  • Date

    Run 6: n/a

  • Duration

    Arrival Thursday afternoon, game runs from Friday morning to Saturday evening, departure Sunday morning

  • Accommodation

    According to character either in double rooms or shared rooms (with a maximum of six beds)

  • Food

    Full board (four meals a day, vegetarian options available)

  • Price

    290€ for upstairs characters, 160€ for downstairs characters (sponsor and discounted tickets available) (as of 2023)

  • Age

    18+ due to liability reasons


  • Servants and their betters
  • Family drama and relationship conflicts
  • Secrets and scandals
  • Wishes vs expectations
  • Modernity vs tradition


England, September 1915. On the occasion of the engagement of his eldest daughter Elizabeth, Richard William Grenville-Pitt, 2nd Viscount Grenville, invites the family of her betrothed to his country estate Lynwood Hall, to get to know each other.

But when two different families meet, things can only be harmonious to a certain extent. Unlike Elizabeth, whose family tree includes several important prime ministers on both her father’s and mother’s sides, her fiancé Rupert Meysey’s family, as baronets, belong not to the peerage but to the gentry. Moreover, the family has recently been shaken by the news that Rupert’s older brother and heir to the family, Wilfred, has been killed at the front, leaving only Rupert and his cousin John to return on home leave.

Meanwhile, the servants of the house are bustling with activity. The butler and housekeeper have their hands full trying to keep things running smoothly: parts of the mansion have been converted into a hospital, so the ballroom and some of the guest rooms are no longer available, several servants have only recently joined the household, and after almost a year at the front, the first footman returns to Lynwood Hall despite his injury. And then the servants of the Meysey family must also be integrated into the usual work routines….

Will the meeting of the two households be a thorough success or a complete disaster?


What to expect

  • Pre-written characters
  • Characters have secrets
  • Cooperative play style (play to lift)
  • Safety mechanics
  • Self-preparation and workshop on site
  • Pre-game hype and communication on Discord
  • Organizers play full characters at the larp
  • In-game entertainment (croquet, high tea, dinner, ball, hunting/walking)
  • Servants help ladies and gentlemen get dressed, serve food & drinks, and assist with dishes
  • Ladies and gentlemen spend a lot of time with small talk

What NOT to expect

  • Absolute historical correctness
  • Reenactment
  • Point-based system
  • Achieving your character’s goals (play to win)
  • Transparent game
  • Play on racism
  • Play on antisemitism

Content Warning

  • Mock firearms
  • Homophobia
  • Classism
  • Sexism
  • Stigmatization of mental illnesses
For some characters:
  • Incest
  • Violence (physical, emotional, sexual)
  • (Unwanted) pregnancy


A picture is worth a thousand words: Photographer The Kelric View has accompanied Run 2 and Run 3 and captured the best moments with his camera.


We have up to 12 playable upstairs characters and up to 11 playable downstairs characters for you to choose from.


Story and characters: Nick

Sign-up and finances: Nick

Production: Theresa, Nick

Props: Theresa, Nick

Kitchen: Marik/Tibor, Larissa, TBD

Support: Diana

A special thanks to Charles Bo Nielsen for providing the character sheets of Fairweather Manor Run 1 as guidance and inspiration.